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  • 2012 The beginning

    My Dying Faith was founded in early 2012 by David, Flo and Marco. Soon Drummer Kubi joined the band and after the original singer left, Maze joined in late 2012

  • 2013 Changes
    New drummer

    In 2013 Kubi left the band and close friend of the band Michi joined to fill the place behind the drums. Songwriting continued, many shows were played and preparations for the recording of the first album were made

  • 2014 Shape of a Heartless World
    Studio and release

    After some more shows, MDF focused on the preproduction of their first record "Shape of a Heartless World". In summer 2014 they entered the great Iguana Studios, where Christoph Brandes did his dark magic. In November 2014 the record was released and many shows and festivals were played to promote it. Great Bands like Forseen (FIN), No End In Sight (DE), Neberu (DE), Billy The Kid (CRI), Our Hollow Our Home (UK) and many local heroes that became close friends crossed their way.

  • 2017 Clouds over MDF
    A great loss

    In 2017, drummer Michael decided to leave the band for personal reasons and left a big hole in the lineup. Finding good drummers in the south of Germany is difficult, but they tried their best. While searching, they kept writing new material to be prepared when the jouney could continue.

  • 2018 New energy
    Welcome Chris

    After a long period of searching and some failures, Chris made contact to MDF. They invited him over to join a rehearsal and were blown away by his skill and motivation. Fortunately, Chris fit in perfectly and took MDFs abilities to a whole new level.

  • 2019 Covenant
    Finally a new record

    After a long period of rehearsing and songwriting, MDF finally started the preproduction of their second record in early 2019. This time, everything was DIY. David recorded everything with a huge amount of patience and in late 2019, Covenant came to smell the stench of the world. Unfortunately the new plague hit the world in 2020 and the mills stood still.

  • 2021 Patience is key
    Preparing for new horizons

    Since Corona seems to come to an end, MDF are preparing to hit the stages once again. Also the preproduction fore some new songs already started. So maybe some new tunes will be finished soon